M-squared dental and cosmetic centre is equipped with ultramodern digital machineries which are all imported from Germany and Italy. All dental operatories are computerized. Our machineries include

Dental soft tissue laser
Orthopantomogram (OPG)
RVG(Digital IOPA xray)
Lateral cephalogram
Intra oral camera
Modern facility dental chairs
Implant physiodispensor.
Class B medical grade autoclave.
Ultrasonic cleaner
Ultraviolet cabinets for storage of sterilized equipments.
Lab equipments.


M-Squared Dental and Cosmetic Center have our own infection control policy which is strictly followed by all our staff members. Great focus and attention have given for proper sterilization of instruments. Disposables are used wherever possible. 100% Filtered water is used for all clinical purposes. All non disposable instruments are gone through 5 steps of sterilization.

Step 1. Sorting hand instruments and drills .All non disposable instruments are scrubbed and washed with mild detergents .

Step 2. All hand instruments are subjected to ultrasonic cleaning for 15 minutes.

Step 3. Instruments are then washed under running water and airdried which are then secured in sealed pouches.

Step 4. Instruments are then placed in the autoclave and steam sterilized.

Step 5. All sterilized instruments are dried and stored in UV cabinets.