Dr Clarince T Manjooran

Dental Surgeon

Dr Clarince has 12 yrs of work experience in private dental practice. She has done 2yrs Training in a private dental clinic UK. She has attended various certificate programmes in orthodontics, endodontics (RCT), Implantology, Dental Lasers and Cosmetic Dental Care.

Dr Arun Sadasivan MDS

Consultant Periodontist

Dr Arun Sadasivan is a professor in the department of Periodontics at Sree Mookambika Institute Of Dental Sciences . He has graduated both in BDS and MDS from Govt. Dental College Trivandrum. He is also working as a consultant periodontist for Twelve years in various clinics and hospitals in and around Trivandrum.

Dr Arun Vidyadharan

Implantologist (NYU,USA)

Dr Arun has done Implantology programme from Newyork university. He is presently The head of the department of Implantology, PMS Dental college Trivandrum. He has treated lots of International patients. He has presented papers on implants at various international conferences.

Dr Abhai Subhi

Consultant Dental Surgeon

Dr Abhai has 4 yrs of experience in private dental practice. He has experience in various dental procedures like dentures and cosmetic treatments.

Dr Vineesh


Dr Vineesh has many years of experience in single visit root canal treatments. He has done his PG in conservative and endodontics. He has done many cosmetic dental treatments.

Dr Nikhil Mathew

Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dr Nikhil Mathew is an experienced and dedicated oral surgeon who has practiced the art of removing teeth surgically without any discomfort to the patients. He is presently Reader, PMS Dental College, Vattapara. He is also a consultant at KIMS Hospital.

Dr Jyothi Issac


Dr Jyothi, specialist in child dental care is well experienced in treating kids. She is very patient and is presently a lecturer, PMS Dental College, Trivandrum.

Dr Sheeba H Gladstone


Dr Sheeba has done her PG in Prosthodontics from Government Dental College, Trivandrum. She is at present Reader, Department of Prosthodontics, PMS Dental college, Trivandrum.