Practice Quality Policy
The quality policy our practice complies with is constantly satisfying the needs of our patients. We aim to achieve the quality level through continuous improvement in the management, the doctors’ education and embracement of the latest technology and methods in the sphere of dentistry. To offer the best dental service we can, we only collaborate with suppliers and prosthetic specialists that are ISO 9001:2000 certified.

Our Quality Objectives
Our practice’s objective it to maintain and constantly improve the quality level of the services it offers in order to best serve the patient from the begging until the end of the treatment. Our team of doctors has the patients’ well being as a primary aim. Other objectives apart from the satisfaction of our patients are:

To provide our patients with the most clinically effective treatments
To retain the reputation at our patients mind and to extend even more the our patients’ number
To improve the internal communication among our team of doctors, and the complete administration in the practice in order to improve the service we offer and the increase efficiency

Quality Management in the Practice
Our quality management system ensures our patients that:
Our dental services are with consistent quality
Effective measures of infection control are used with attention to hygiene in the practice, and constant sterilization and disinfection of the dental instruments used
All legal requirements relating to health and safety in the workplace are satisfied
All legal requirements relating to the safe use of x-ray equipment are satisfied
All the requirements by the Dental Council of India are satisfied in respect of the development of the doctors and the entire dental team of the practice.

Waste Disposal
Treatment and Disposal of the biomedical waste in scientific manner at the IMAGE plant, strictly adhering to the Biomedical Waste Management Rules 2016.